eumycotic mycetoma

eumycotic mycetoma

Microbiology. . 2009.

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  • eumycotic mycetoma — mycetoma caused by infection with Eumycota (true fungi); see table. Called also eumycetoma …   Medical dictionary

  • mycetoma — A chronic infection involving the subcutaneous tissue, skin, and contiguous bone; characterized by the formation of localized lesions with tumefactions and multiple draining sinuses. The exudate contains granules that may be …   Medical dictionary

  • eumycetoma — Mycetoma caused by fungi. Cf.:actinomycetoma. * * * eu·my·ce·to·ma (u″mi sə toґmə) eumycotic mycetoma …   Medical dictionary

  • Exophiala — A genus of pathogenic fungi having dematiaceous conidiophores with one or two celled annelloconidia. They cause mycetoma or phaeohyphomycosis; in cases of mycetoma, black granules develop in subcutaneous abscesses; in cases of phaeohyphomycosis …   Medical dictionary

  • maduromycosis — (mah du ro mi ko sis) A subcutaneous fungal infection caused by Madurella mycetoma; also termed an eumycotic mycetoma …   Dictionary of microbiology

  • Curvularia — A genus of dark colored fungi that grow rapidly on culture media. Generally regarded as contaminants, two species, C. lunata and C. geniculata, are among the species capable of producing mycetoma in humans, keratomycosis, sinusitis, and… …   Medical dictionary

  • Madurella — A genus of fungi including a number of species, such as M. grisea and M. mycetomi, that cause mycetoma. [Madura, India] * * * n. a genus of widely distributed fungi. The species M. grisea and M. mycetomi cause the tropical infection Madura foot.… …   Medical dictionary

  • Pseudallescheria boydii — A species of fungus that causes eumycotic mycetoma and pseudallescheriasis; its conidial (asexual) state is Scedosporium apiospermum; formerly called Allescheria boydii. * * * a widely distributed saprobic species commonly isolated from mycetoma… …   Medical dictionary

  • Scedosporium — An imperfect fungus of the form class Hyphomycetes; anamorph of Pseudallescheria. S. apiospermum (sked os por′e um) the imperfect state of the fungus Pseudallescheria boydii, one of the 16 species of true fungi that may cause mycetoma in humans… …   Medical dictionary

  • Acremonium — A genus of fungi (family Moniliaceae, order Moniliales) that causes eumycotic mycetoma; three species, A. falciforme, A. kiliense, and A. recifei, produce whitish to yellow grains in the tissues. Produces keratomycosis, occasionally other… …   Medical dictionary

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